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  • To build Da Nang into a major socio-economic center of the country


    Construction) - Recently, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc signed Decision No. 393 / QD-TTg approving Adjusting the Master Plan for socio-economic development of Da Nang city to 2020, with a vision to in 2030 with the goal of building Da Nang into a major socio-economic center of the country. The promulgation of this decision as well as the construction and development of Danang not only have an important meaning for Danang alone but also create momentum and spread to the whole region.

    Tourism development associated with resort real estate (Source: Internet)..

    Accordingly, the Decision aims to build Da Nang city into an ecological, modern and smart city, a city worth living for, with strong party organization and political system, a vanguard government in exchange. new and developing, the people have the leading standard of living in the country with a good quality of life, friendliness, happiness and creativity; national defense, security, and sovereignty of the sea and islands are firmly guaranteed.

    Striving to achieve economic growth in the period of 2021-2030 reaching 12% / year. Economic structure: service sector 67-68%, industry and construction 31-32%, agriculture 1%. Population forecast is about 2.5 million, of which official population forecast (excluding visitors) is about 1.5 million. The employment rate will increase to 5-5.5% / year, the rate of trained labor will reach over 70% by 2030. The rate of solid waste collected and treated reaches 100%, the rate of waste water collection and treatment standards 80% before being discharged into the environment, the proportion of urban greenery 6-8m2 / person; rate of rural population using hygienic water reaches 100%. Forest cover is about 45%.

    Tourism development associated with resort real estate

    The plan sets out the development orientation of sectors and fields such as services, industry - construction, agriculture, development orientation of urban infrastructure and social issues. In particular, in terms of services, Da Nang will develop tourism services associated with resort real estate; including researching the investment plan for constructing Danang Bay with unique architecture and services to create a highlight for Da Nang city; developing seaports and airports associated with logistics services.

    Major tourism product groups: sea tourism with diversified resort models; MICE tourism is driven by the organization of international events and a highly competitive business environment and ecotourism, exploring regional history and culture; type of entertainment service with betting activities as prescribed.

    Accordingly, the four main tourism investment focuses include: Son Tra into a high-class eco-tourism area; associating tourism with nature conservation, biodiversity; Da Nang Bay becomes a "sea urban" with a unique nature, creating a highlight of architecture and services; Downtown area (downtown), shopping street and traditional restaurant; Projects for recreation, entertainment, peripheral tourist sites and regional links.

    Maintain a harmonious development of commercial activities, finance - banking, real estate business, information and communication to meet diverse needs in business production and social life. Improve the quality of services and products for tourism.

    For the group of commerce, it will continue to maintain the growth rate of over 8% in the period to 2020 and be accelerated in the period 2021-2030 by 8.4 - 11.0%; The proportion of GRDP in the city is about 12.9% in 2020 and 15.4% in 2030. Promote the development of industrial parks towards ecological orientation.

    Regarding industry - construction, Da Nang will focus on industrial development planning, not to conflict with the objectives between industrial development and tourism. Promote research and development, technology innovation, focus on developing clean industry projects, in accordance with the city's strengths. Promote development of industrial parks and clusters in the direction of eco-industrial parks; focus on functional areas to facilitate the formation of industry clusters, aiming to join global supply chains.

    At the same time, continuing to review and have mechanisms and policies to further encourage investment attraction, especially FDI projects from transnational and multinational corporations in the Top 500 of the world. Application of information technology in production and business; create mechanisms for closer and more frequent association between business enterprises and information technology enterprises.

    In agriculture, Da Nang will form hi-tech agricultural areas and areas to create clean and environmentally friendly products. Focusing on managing and protecting the area of ​​3 types of forests, strictly implementing the regulations on replacement afforestation policies and developing economic afforestation.

    To develop comprehensively and sustainably offshore fishing activities so that they can fully exploit their sea potentials, especially in association with the defense of their sovereignty over sea and islands. Speeding up investment, completing infrastructure and fishery logistics, fulfilling the goal of building Da Nang into a fisheries center of the Central key economic region.

    It is expected that in the period of 2021-2030, the growth rate of agriculture will reach 2.2%, accounting for about 1% of the GRDP structure of Danang in 2030.

    Diep Anh


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