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    The Ministry of Construction is drafting a Decree detailing a number of articles of the Law on Architecture. In particular, the Ministry proposes criteria to evaluate valuable architectural works.

    Uncle Ho's stilt house is one of Hanoi's special valuable architectural heritage constructions.

    Accordingly, the evaluation criteria of architectural works with definite values ​​include: Historical - cultural criteria, including: Works with typical values ​​for the historical period; works marking historical landmarks and important events associated with prominent national historical figures; works associated with typical local culture; dating, work life.

    Architecture and landscape art criteria: Works with typical typical values ​​for an architectural style, architectural type; the value of architectural art of the overall space and the work itself; value associated with the landscape, contributing to the general urban landscape, famous landscapes, natural landscapes; value of construction techniques, using materials.

    The point of evaluation of valuable architectural works is proposed based on the table.

    The criteria are evaluated to meet the prescribed requirements when ensuring ≥ 60 points.

    The draft stated that valuable constructions are classified into two types as follows: Type I: Meet 2 criteria; Type II: Meet 1 criteria.

    Provincial-level People's Committees shall base on the above provisions to classify and specify measures of management of protection, repair, embellishment and promotion of architectural values of works and funding for implementation; propose ranking national monument, special national level with competent authorities when the works meet the requirements prescribed in the law on cultural heritage.

    The Ministry of Construction is seeking comments on this draft on its web portal

    Tuyet Hanh


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