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    I believe that the bedrock of Lighthouse’s reputation is created by a culture of integrity, openness and trust. At Lighthouse, we always do the right thing for our customers and employees, building trust relationships with our clients is a priority.  

    Tran Anh Vu 

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    What we do

    Design & Build
    Concrete supplying
    Interior design & Furniture manufacturing
    Office space for rent

    Why Lighthouse ?

    At Lighthouse, integrity is at the core of every activity and is the foundation for the steady expansion of our company. Every project, from beginning to end, is overseen by our highly reliable and responsible employees. The high trust we place in one another explains why Lighthouse has always had the most dedicated teams of executives and employees. They are hard at work every day at construction sites and factories to provide high-quality services that meet the needs of our clients.

    Culture of intergrity
    We believe if it benefits our customers it benefits us. At the beginning, our team members who are responsible for accurately estimating costs and optimizing ways to save money for you.
    Optimized cost through Value Engineering
    Our financial strength comes from our success in past projects. Our ability to effectively reinvest and tightly control our resources creates a stable financial source available as capital for past, present, and future projects. With financial stability, we are able to make decisions independently in all circumstances to bring trust and security to our clients as we are able to complete our work as demanded.
    Financial Strength

    Lighthouse commits to provide high-quality services on time or ahead of schedule as we balance between quality of work and compliance to schedule through the process of performing quality assurance and deep analysis on the demands on price, techniques, architect, aesthetics, and quality of the project to make sure we do it right from the beginning.

    On time and high quality delivery
    We believe that clients want to choose the best partner to work on their projects. With the advantage of local knowledge, Lighthouse understands the local conditions and has access to the well-qualified resources to complete client’s projects. Lighthouse always accompanies and assists clients with financial and legal procedures, from the beginning to the end of the project, in order to reduce unnecessary costs and time for any related logal process. In addition, with an experienced team of executives, Lighthouse creates plans and develops projects suitable to all weather conditions, with a skilled workforce and local, high-quality resources to both satisfy our clients and promote local development
    Local conditions - High quality sources


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