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  • Quang Binh: Requires strict management of architectural and landscape planning in commercial housing areas


    With 36 commercial housing projects already being formed in Quang Binh province, strict management of architectural planning is imperative.

    Planning management and urban management are tightened, contributing to the comprehensive development of the appearance of urban areas in the province

    According to statistics, in the period of 2010 - 2020, Quang Binh province has been investing and preparing to invest in 36 projects of commercial houses, urban areas, hotel service centers and residential housing business with total scale of land use more than 456ha and about 5,131 billion dong of land use.

    In addition to a number of projects that have been invested in complete basic technical infrastructure, the remaining projects have just started to implement and many projects are in the stage of selecting investors. When eligible to sell will provide to the market, for interested customers will choose to buy, fill urban areas.

    On that basis, to manage construction, architectural planning of commercial housing projects, new urban areas to ensure tightness, uniformity, in accordance with the provisions of the State, recently, the People's Committee The province has issued Official Letter No. 316 / UBND-XDCB dated March 6, 2020 asking departments, branches and localities to intensify inspection and detection of violations of urban planning and designs in commercial housing projects. trade, new urban areas.

    Accordingly, departments and agencies coordinate with localities to inspect the management of planning, urban design of commercial housing projects, urban areas and summarize reports on inspection of compliance with regulations. regulations of law on construction licensing and construction management under license. At the same time, guide and direct the handling in accordance with the provisions of the law for the violating works.

    The licensing of housing construction, housing construction management by the district-level People's Committee must comply with the planning, urban design and the planning management and urban management regulations of the project approved by the provincial People's Committee; It is not allowed to build restaurants, motels, hotels and other constructions on residential land plots.

    People's Committees of communes, wards and affiliated specialized agencies regularly check the situation of housing construction of households in commercial housing projects, new urban areas; promptly detect and make records of administrative violations and supervise the stop construction of violations; apply measures to prevent violations according to regulations ...

    For investors, the People's Committee of Quang Binh province requests to strictly abide by the law on areas where houses must be built and areas of land use right transfer for people to build houses upon completion. essential technical infrastructure; Only land use rights are allowed to be built for people to build houses on their own after being permitted by competent authorities and fully qualified under the provisions of relevant laws.

    In particular, when transferring land use rights to people, project investors must guide people when building houses in compliance with planning, urban design, planning management regulations, and urban management. approved marketing; publicize the project urban planning and design at project execution locations and convenient locations for people to study and implement; manage and supervise people's housing construction process to ensure compliance with urban planning, design, planning management regulations, and urban management; guide and supervise the process of connecting to the household's electricity and water systems; organize the management and protection of technical infrastructure projects to ensure quality, technical and fine art pending the finalization, completion and handover of technical infrastructure works and public works to the State management.

    Earlier, talking to the press, the leaders of Quang Binh Construction Department said: For projects of commercial housing and urban areas, the Department will urge investors to accelerate the implementation of the projects. The project has signed contracts, enhanced quality management according to the State regulations. At the same time, attention should be paid to embellishment and urban development on the basis of adhering to and strictly managing the planning of architectural landscapes in these areas, requirements on construction density, red line boundaries and setbacks. The construction elevation is strictly controlled to ensure uniformity in the provincial urban development planning.

    Nhat Linh - Tra Giang


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